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Hong Kong Camps

In 1956, the Gideons International founded the Hong Kong Camp.  Since then, the Kowloon Camp, Taipo Camp, Shatin and Sai Kung Camp, Tuen Mun Camp, Hong Kong Island Camp and Yuen Long Camp have been added.  As of August 2014, the cumulative total scriptures distributed in Hong Kong were close to 2 million.

Funds for purchasing Scriptures

  • Through personal contributions and bequests from Gideons,
  • Through offerings taken at the time of reporting in churches locally and overseas, mail in donations and the Gideon Living Memorial Bible Plan.

Prayer Meeting – Our Source of Strength


Ministry Sharing in Churches

Ministry Sharing

Scripture Distribution – God’s word in their hands

Scripture Distribution

Bibles for Students, God’s word in their hearts

Bibles for Students

Presenting Bibles to Hotels

Bibles for hotels

Leadership Teams

(last update: June 2020) 

National Team

Office Name                                  Term Start 
National Field Coordinator Mr Ricky Wai-kit LAM June 01, 2015
National Chaplain Dr Albert King Wai WOO June 01, 2015
Country Treasurer Mr Wai-Lim PANG June 01, 2015
Scripture Coordinator Mr William Chor-on LI October 02, 2013
Church Ministry Coordinator Mr Christopher FL TAN April 18, 2009
Membership Coordinator Mr Tony Yong ZHANG June 01, 2015


Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Mr. Ricky Wai-Kit LAM May 18, 2020
Camp Vice President Mr.Stephen CHAN Shek-lam May 18, 2020
Camp Secretary Mr John MERRIMAN May 18, 2020
Camp Treasurer Mr. Ricky Wai-kit LAM May 18, 2020
Camp Chaplain Mr. Albert TONG May 18, 2020


Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Mr Tony Yong ZHANG June 01, 2013
Camp Vice President Mr. Joseph F. D’Souza October 17, 2020
Camp Treasurer Mr. Leo LI October 17, 2020
Camp Secretary Mr. Joseph F. D’Souza October 17, 2020
Church Ministry Chairman Mr Tony Yong ZHANG June 01, 2014


Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Mr Wai Lim PANG 2020-05-16
Camp Vice President JOE YIU HUNG WAN 2021-05-15
Camp Secretary Peter Cheuk-Wing Hui 2021-05-15
Camp Treasurer Mr Wai-Cheung CHAN 2020-05-16
Camp Chaplain Dr Albert King Wai Woo 2021-05-15
Church Ministry Chairman Dr Albert King Wai WOO 2021-05-15
Camp Scripture Chairman Peter Cheuk-Wing Hui 2021-05-15


Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Prof. Po Choi WONG May 12, 2018
Camp Vice President(I) Mr Allen Wai-Lun MUI May 11, 2019
Camp Vice President (II) Mr Christopher FL TAN May 12, 2018
Camp Secretary Mr Patrick CW LAM May 12, 2018
Camp Treasurer Mr Caesar WS WONG May 12, 2018
Camp Chaplain Mr William Chor-On LI May 11, 2019
Church Ministry Chairman Mr Christopher FL TAN May 12, 2018
Camp Scripture Chairman Mr Craig KH CHAN May 12, 2018
Membership Chairman Mr Casey TN AU May 12, 2018
Camp Web-Master Mr. Tinson SETO May 12, 2018

TAI-PO CAMP (ID# I02575)

Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Mr Jonathan K S TSANG May 30, 2020
Camp Vice President Mr Yim Kai LAM May 30, 2020
Camp Secretary Mr Edwin Hing Fai POON May 30, 2020
Camp Treasurer Mr Gary Hing-Fai TSE May 30, 2020
Camp Chaplain Mr Victor Chi-Sing KWOK May 30, 2020
Church Ministry Chairman Mr Jonathan K S TSANG May 30, 2020
Camp Scripture Chairman Mr Edwin Hing Fai POON May 30, 2020


Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Mr Kai Lam CHENG October 09, 2020
Camp Vice President Mr Wu Ching CHAN October 09, 2020
Camp Secretary Mr Shing Chin NG October 09, 2020
Camp Treasurer Mr Ho Tak CHAN October 09, 2020
Camp Chaplain Mr Ho Tak CHAN October 09, 2020
Camp Scripture Chairman Mr Kai Lam CHENG October 09, 2020


Office Name                                  Term Start 
Camp President Mr Richard Pak-Ying LEE September 09, 2020
Camp Vice President Mr Caleb CC CHEN September 09, 2020
Camp Secretary Mr Richard Pak-Ying LEE September 09, 2020
Camp Treasurer Mr Richard Pak-Ying LEE September 09, 2020
Camp Chaplain Mr Richard Pak-Ying LEE September 09, 2020